"I used Hanka as a self employed translator in order for me to communicate quickly and precisely with my management team and suppliers/customers alike. I always found Hanka to be very professional and she helped keep the flow of meetings that I was attending. Her ability to simultaneously translate English/Czech/ English helped to save a lot of management time during meetings and saved either myself or colleagues drifting off while waiting for the conversation to be explained. She was also very helpful translating the changes needed on the Factory Floor."
Ian Vernon, Industrial Director at Masokombinát Plzeň


"The cooperation with Hanka as a translator was the best over the past years...!"
Dipl. Ing. Vladimír Doležal, general director of the publishing house DONA


"De samenwerking met Hanka kunnen we omschrijven als erg goed en prettig. Ze werkt nauwkeurig en is kritisch op de inhoud. Je krijgt geen één op één vertaling, maar een vertaling welke past bij de werkelijkheid, bij de context. De inzet is ook flexibel. Deadlines zijn goed af te spreken en worden gehaald, maar als er tussendoor even snel iets moest worden vertaald werd dit ook gedaan."
Petra van Santen, Project Manager at Brezan Automaterialen BV

More references on request.


Some of my Projects

 Interpreted performances at the puppet and alternative theatre festival Skupova Plzeň 2016.
(Czech → English).

Translated judgements and legal articles on the subject of money laundering for the Czech Ministry of Finance.
(Dutch → Czech).

Translated dialogues of the Flemish television series Matrioshki and of various Dutch children's films for the Czech Television ČT2.
(Flemish, English, Bulgarian → Czech)

Interpreted audits, production meetings, audit reports and business meetings for Masokombinát Plzen, a meat processing company.
(English ↔ Czech)

Translated supplier and employee contracts and a quality manual for BAKKER Czech Republic, transport and warehousing company in the food sector.
(Dutch → Czech, English)

Interpreted during the microtunneling of a sewer pipe in the project Clean Berounka river for Subterra.
(English ↔ Czech)



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Phone: +420 775 232 785